Fiddler Innovation Endowment

Recognition of Sponsorship

eDream was established in January 2009 with seed funding provided by the University of Illinois Office of the Provost. The Institute was formed to serve as one of the University’s key innovation centers, driving creative interdisciplinary discovery for 21st-century education, culture, and industry.

To help establish the Institute, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications has also provided essential support in the form of space, technical staff, business management, and equipment use. This assistance demonstrates NCSA’s commitment to computing across disciplines, which is also expressed through its support of the Institute for Advanced Computing Applications and Technologies Creativity and Computing, a research effort closely allied to eDream in management and mission.

eDream has successfully sought grant funding, and will continue to apply for grants and to seek donations to support our contributions to research, education, and public outreach through creative production.  We will also coordinate with organizations at home and abroad. See Collaborators to share resources to accomplish our mission.


eDream wishes to thank Jerry Fiddler and Melissa Alden for their generous support for teaching and research. Jerry Fiddler is an alum of the University of Illinois. He and his wife Melissa Alden reside in Berkeley, California.

eDream supports education, research, and public engagement through creative production in digital arts media:

  • doctoral candidate support (fellowships, assistantships) and undergraduate fellowships
  • creative technologies and multimedia classroom
  • creative productions with campus