2023 Fiddler Innovation Awards

Pooja Tetali

SPIN, A Machine Learning and Geospatial Approach to Targeting Humanitarian Assistance

Chenhui Zhang

SPIN, Cross-scale Sensing and Deep Learning for Sustainable Agriculture

Xiaojun (Alison) Jia

SPIN, Hyperspectral Sensing and Machine Learning for Crop Monitoring

Zhiju (David) Lu

SPIN, Artificial Intelligence Empowered Satellite Sensing for the US Inland Water Quality Monitoring

Evan Rafol

Design for America, DFA team lead of the AMBUCS project

Sara Kiel

Design for America; “Would You Look at That?” project

Claudia Robles

Design for America, DFA team member of “Would You Look at That?” project, DFA Co-Director for Membership and Professional Outreach

Kaitlin Skurnak

Design for America, DFA President and team lead of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District (CCFPD) project

Kastan Day

NCSA Graduate student, UIUC.chat

Colter Wehmeier

Doctorate student in Art and Cultural Informatics at the School of Information Sciences

2023 $10,000 Tec Fiddler Innovation Fellowship

Bara Saadah

M.D. Candidate at Carle Illinois College of Medicine, CEO & founder of a startup called Diabeta Coach
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