eDream’s Launch

eDream launched in the Spring of 2009.  NCSA's official press release may be found here.   News-Gazette reporter Melissa Merli also wrote a story on the launch, which ran 3/9/09. 

On eDream's mission to educate new generations of students in the emerging field of digital arts, Merli's article quotes director Donna Cox as saying, ""Digital media are truly changing how we do our business in lots and lots of ways.  We believe jobs are already being created by changes in technology. Part of the educational process is being ready for these transformative opportunities." 

Assistant Director Kelly Searsmith elaborated, "Historically, digital media artists were thought of as good prospects for the creative industry.  [Today,] this kind of work is being cited as part of the portfolio for the new American worker, the knowledge worker. It's increasingly expected, like critical thinking and communication skills."