Making A Difference

U of I System invests nearly $2 million in arts and humanities

The Innovation Illinois Community Laboratory + Interactive Exhibit, $150,000
Anita Chan, Benjamin Grosser, Karrie Karahalios, Karen Rodriguez’G (Urbana-Champaign)
This project will highlight the rich contributions of arts, humanities and civic partnerships in famed innovations from Urbana-Champaign, such as the first wheelchair bus system, the first music composition created by a computer and first graphical web browser. The project leaders will develop a year-long course for freshmen that delves into case studies of innovations that brought artists and humanists into collaboration with scientists and engineers. The course will teach design thinking as well as skills in multidisciplinary methods and will culminate in student projects that model such processes. A traveling exhibit that highlights the best projects will be hosted at key sites, showcasing innovation prototypes for the public, including alumni.