Student Achievement at Engineering Open House 2010

Guy Garnett’s undergraduate students from CS 498 (Special Topics) have been honored with a 2nd place award for class projects at this year’s highly attended Engineering Open House.  Students showed off games in progress, from 2D to 3D and from first-person shooters to grid-movement strategy.  In CS 498 Game Design: Creating Virtual Worlds, students work throughout the semester to design and create their own digital games.

Professor Garnett has designed the course to teach “principles of game design, game theory and current video game technologies related to multiplayer games and virtual worlds. Topics…include theory of games, story crafting, game engines, graphics, physics simulations, AI simulation, world design, play testing, multi-player interaction models, user interface design.”  The course is cross-listed with Informatics 490 GG and Music 404 C.

— Kelly Searsmith