SIGGRAPH Career Night: How to Break In

eDreamers AJ Christensen and Madelin Woods, both recent graduates of the University of Illinois, presented at yesterday’s SIGGRAPH student chapter meeting on How to Break in to the Video, Film, and Graphics Research Industries (7-8:30pm, Siebel Center).  They presented alongside Brandon Smith and Brett Jones: Brett is a member of Associate Director Guy Garnett’s research group;  AJ, Brett, and Brandon are former Chairs and Madelin is former Vice Chair of our active student chapter.

The panel discussed

  • the nature of these industries and the types of jobs found in them;
  • the importance of networking and collaborating while still a student (through meeting campus visitors, attending conferences, and visiting companies for informational and actual interviews);
  • and the importance of doing enough good work while a student to build a competitive portfolio, which employers expect to accompany the usual cover letters and resumes.  For film students, the demo reel is the key to a strong portfolio.  Rather than gradually building up to an impact, the demo reel should make an impact in its  first 5 seconds.

Twenty students attended.

— Kelly Searsmith