Siebel Scholars at eDream

Two of Guy Garnett’s graduate students have been named Siebel Scholars, Class of 2010: Brett Jones and Rajinder Sodhi.  This major honor was established by the Siebel Foundation “in 2000 to recognize the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools of bioengineering, business, and computer science.”  Siebel Scholars  “form an active, lifelong community among an ever-growing group off leaders.”  Each year, just 80 students across the globe are chosen, based on their academic excellence.  Brett and Raj represent the best in Engineering at UIUC, which is ranked with awarded Colleges of Engineering at Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford, UC-Berkeley, UC-San Diego, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Tsingua (Beijing), and MIT.  We are all very proud of them!

— Kelly Searsmith