eDream Affiliate IUPUI to Co-Host Intermedia Festival

Intermedia Festival will be co-produced by eDream’s affiliate program at IUPUI.  The Festival will be held right in our backyard, too — just 2 hours east, in Indianapolis, this coming Spring, from April 23-25, 2010.

The Festival will focus on “emerging artistic trends in telematic and media arts,” in which telematic art is understood as synthesizing “traditional arts with networked, interactive hypermedia and performance content. The resulting productions connect media-rich spaces using modern communication systems to create powerful and evocative experiences.”

Some participants (from dancers and theorists to scientists, musicians and videographers to technologists) will engage live, while others will participate in exchanges in realtime online, through “multi-site, high fidelity communications technology developed in the Telematic Lab at the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).”  The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library is co-producing the event, which is supported by an Indiana University New Frontiers grant from the Lily foundation.

Stay tuned for further news of eDream’s involvement!

— Kelly Searsmith