The Illinois eDream Institute is dedicated to promoting arts that are conceived, created, and conveyed through digital technologies
collaborators / participants



National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL)
Cultural Computing Group (CCG)
College of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA)
IACAT Computing and Creativity Research Theme
Krannert Art Museum
Spurlock Museum (cultural heritage)
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (KCPA)
Institute for Computing in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (ICHASS)
Illinois Informatics Institute (I3
Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH)


Irfan Ahmad

Executive Director Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology, College of Engineering

Narayan Aluru

Professor, Mechanical Science & Engineering, College of Engineering

Stephen Boppart

Professor, Bioengineering, College of Engineering

John Bosche

Associate Professor, Theatre, FAA

Nicholas Burbules

Professor Educ Policy, Organ & Leadrshp, College of Education

Roy Campbell

Professor, Computer Science, College of Engineering

Bernard Cesarone

Asst Dir for Publ & Tech, Special Education, College of Education

Lizanne DeStefano

Director I-STEM, College of Education

Larry DiGirolamo

Atmospheric Science, LAS

Jan Erkert

Dance, FAA

Dr. Barbara Fiese

Director Family Resiliency Center, Psychology, LAS

Susan Fowler

Professor Special Education, College of Education

George Francis

Professor, Math, LAS

Kevin Franklin

Exec. Director ICHASS and Adjunct Prof. Afro-American Studies, LAS

Regina Garcia

Assistant Professor, Theatre, FAA

Nan Goggin

Director School of Art and Design, FAA

David Goodman (deceased)

Professor East Asian Languages and Cultures, LAS

Harriett Green

Assistant Professor, English and UIUC Library, Digital Humanities, LAS

Howard Guenther

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Gerry Guthrie

Professor, Art+Design

Kathleen Harleman

Director Krannert Art Museum, FAA

Dianne Harris

Professor Landscape Architecture, FAA, and Director IPRH

John Hart

Professor, Computer Science, College of Engineering

Kevin Hamilton

Associate Professor, Art & Design, FAA

David Wen-Hao Huang

Associate Professor, Education Policy, College of Education

Joseph Brantley Houston (Brant)

Professor Journalism, College of Media

Philip Johnston

Lecturer, Dance, FAA

Kyratso George Karahalios (Karrie)

Associate Professor CS, College of Engineering

Robin Kaler

Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs

Pradeep Khanna

Associate Chancellor for Corporate and International Relations

Tammey Kikta

Assistant Director For Artistic Services, KCPA, FAA

Kimberlie Kranich

Dir. of Community Content, Illinois Public Media, College of Media

Robb Lingren

Professor, College of Education

Jennifer Monson

Professor, Dance, FAA

Beth Sandore Namachchivaya

Prof. Library Administration, University Library

Caralynn Nowinski

Assoc VP for Innovation & Economic Dev, OVPR

Elizabeth Oyler

Director Ctr for East Asian and Pacific Studies, LAS

Glaucio Paulino

Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Vanna Pianfetti


Asst. Dean for Learning Tech, Ubiq Learning Inst, College of Education

Wayne Pitard

Professor, Religion and Director Spurlock Museum, LAS

Ray Price

Professor Industrial & Enterprise Sys College of Engineering,
Gen College of Engineering, and iFoundry co-dir, College of Engineering

Karen Quisenberry

former Assistant Dir. For Production, KCPA, FAA

Gene Robinson

Director Institute for Genomic Biology, LAS

Mike Ross

Assoc. Dean, FAA Dir. Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Stuart Shapiro

Professor, Physics, LAS

Gabriel Solis

Associate Professor, Music, FAA

William Sullivan

Landscape Architecture, FAA

Stephen Taylor

Associate Professor, Music, FAA

Matthew Thibeault

School of Music, FAA

Sever Tipei

Professor Music, FAA

John Toenjes

Director Music, Dance, and Technical Director IJAPAN

Michael Twidale

Professor Library & Information Science, GSLIS

John Unsworth

former Dean of GSLIS

Robert Wilhelmson (emeritus)

Atmospheric Science, LAS

Shaowen Wang

Geography, LAS

Deke Weaver

Associate Professor, Art+Design, Faculty Fellow

Michael Woodley

Adjunct Faculty, Lecturer, Computer Science, College of Engineering

Tony Wong

Associate Professor, Astronomy, LAS

Don Wuebbles

Atmospheric Science, LAS


ABROAD (off-campus)

Leonardo: The International Society for Art, Technology, and Science (Gold Affiliate Member)
The Cyprus Institute
HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory)


Stephen Beck

Composition and Computer Music and Director, Laboratory for Creative Arts and Technologies, LSU

Thecla Schiphorst

School of Interactive Arts and Technology and Director, Whisper[s] Research Group, Simon Fraser University

Ellen Sandor

Founding Artist & Director, (art)n

Professor Roy Tasker

Professor of Chemistry Education, University of Western Sydney, New South Wales